Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

For business owners large and small, social media is a gift. Social media is, in its most basic form, a free platform that allows you to reach billions of potential customers.

Hootsuite tells us that, as of October 21, 2021, the number of people using social media was at a colossal 4.5 billion. That’s an increase of more than 400 million from a year earlier, for a growth of nearly 10 percent. A billion people are using TikTok alone. Driving it all is the craft of storytelling. In this case, you’re telling the story of your company, with the goal of attracting new customers.

But as impressive as these numbers are, any business looking for growth may want to zero in on the fact that an average of 13 new users begin using social media, for the first time, every second. Growth is driving social media, and this growth can help drive your business. But what’s your plan for social media marketing? The time is at hand to lay out your social media strategy for 2022. The future of your business depends on it.


Let’s focus for a moment on TikTok.

As detailed by Hootsuite, businesses can now reach 825 million users, age 18 and above, through social media ads on TikTok. That’s according to data from ByteDance, which operates TikTok.

That 18-34 customer demographic is critical to growing a business and expanding a customer base, regardless of how big or small the size of your company.

“For decades, the 18-to-34 age group has been considered especially valuable to advertisers,” according to Marketplace. “It’s the biggest cohort, overtaking the baby boomers in 2015, and 18-to-34s are

thought to have money to burn on toys and clothes and products, rather than the more staid investments of middle age.”


Launching a social media marketing campaign for your business can be overwhelming. Remember to keep things simple. At the end of the day, you’re working to win over customers with the compelling story of your company, your product and your service. You’re also working to raise your brand awareness, brand recognition and brand visibility. Don’t forget about brand reputation management, which is a pivotal piece of the pie, even in the absence of a crisis.

Original content is the key to your success with social media. Messaging a clear, concise campaign, driven by compelling storytelling, will let you soar above the social media noise that can be generated by 4.5 billion users.

Forbes tells us: “There’s no denying that a successful social media strategy effectively sets your brand apart from your competitors. However, creating a winning social media strategy is easier said than done.”

Social Media Strategy

Harnessing social media is much, much more than throwing some random post up, at some random time, without targeting an audience or determining which platform best suits your business strategy.

Should you post a few sentences of chatter? Video? Photos? All of these?

At what time of the day should you post? On which day? Weekdays? Weekends? Both?

How do you craft a post that will tell your story, build your brand, target your audience and expand your customer base?

Does it make more sense to boost a Facebook post, or purchase a Facebook advertisement? How much time and money should you devote to TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn, as opposed to Twitter and Instagram? What social media platforms are losing their luster? Which ones have a bright future?

These are all do-or-die questions for your business and your brand.

And Content Studio NY, an expert in digital marketing, the digital marketplace, storytelling, branding and original content creation, has your answers. We have a graphic designer on our team and plenty of guidance for conquering social media. At Content Studio, we provide services revolving around each of the following:

Objectives and 
Social Media Audit

What are your reasons for maintaining a presence on social media? To increase your brand awareness, social media engagements, and website traffic rankings? Remember that increasing your number of social media followers can increase leads, sales and revenue.

Okay, so you’ve posted on social media. Now what? Now you have to make sense of the metrics generated by your posts. According to Hootsuite, a social media audit gives you the tools to identify:

· What’s working and what’s not.

· Whether impostor accounts are stealing your followers.

· Which outdated profiles you need to revive, repurpose, or shut down.

· New opportunities to grow and engage your audience.

Posting, Analytics, Advertising and Audience Engagement

Once your audit is completed, Content Studio will take a deep dive into your monthly analytics and build out a long-term vision for making the numbers work for you.

Content Studio uses a content calendar to schedule your posts and pivot as needed. We also utilize tools like Facebook Business Suite, Planoly and Hootsuite.

Facebook ad campaigns are a Content Studio specialty, and we can handle your social media ads across all platforms. We can also act on your behalf by engaging with your social media audience, through interactive social media posts. We’ve got your comments, shares, likes and followers covered, and we’ll work the algorithms through hashtag research.

The year 2022 is still young and there is still time to build your social media marketing strategy for the coming months and beyond. But time passes. Act now. Let Content Studio support your very important social media efforts, which could determine the fate of your company, for better or worse.

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