Maggie Inge

2022 Ulster County Executive’s Arts Award Special Citation

Maggie Inge is an award-winning newspaper columnist, former network television executive and currently the director of development for TRANSART & Cultural Services.  

She is the vice president of the board of directors of MAD (Kingston Midtown Arts District) and frequently serves as a management consultant to area start-up non-profit organizations.

Maggie is the recipient of the 2022 Ulster County Executive’s Arts Award Special Citation.  

“I’m honored,” said the Esopus resident. “It’s nice to be recognized.”

In her work with TRANSART, Maggie is involved with the restoration of the historic Burger Matthews House in Kingston; and the establishment of the Hudson Valley’s first institution dedicated to the arts, culture and history of African Americans. 

A multimedia artist, Maggie also paints and designs jewelry.  

“The arts matter to me,” said Maggie, the former director of workforce development training at the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“Art is what makes humans, human. Art is expression. “If we are to solve a problem as individuals, or communities, or as a species, what we need is creativity. For anything, for everything, it takes creativity; and creativity is simply artistic expression.”

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