Social Media and Website Audits

When you’re running a website or social media account, tracking its performance is crucial. Audit reports are one of the ways you can do this. But what is an audit report? Let’s break it down. 

An audit is a report of your website or social media account’s performance. You can think of performance the way you normally would. Think of social media or websites as a film at the movie theater, and the audit report as the reviews. The reviews, or the audit, tells us how well the box office did, if people enjoyed the film and if they’re continuing to watch it. Your social media account and website are that film, and you want to ensure that they’re getting the engagement and growth you’re looking for.  

Audits and How They Help

Before taking on a new client, Content Studio does an audit report in order to determine areas in need of improvement, how well its performing and its level of engagement. The report also serves as a benchmark for the social media account or website’s performance before and after managing them. In doing so, Content Studio can report the return on investment, or ROI, back to clients while continuing to track growth weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Based on tracking performance throughout the year, Content Studio can align the content with the analytics to remain timely. 

While the concept of social media and website audit reports are similar, they each have their own unique way to analyze performance. 

What Goes Into a Social Media Audit?

When you operate a social media account, you need to pay attention to engagement. A social media audit tracks your account’s likes, comments, and shares. Through tracking this information, an audit will highlight the posts that received the most engagement and use them as a reference tool for planning future content. 

A social media audit also looks at the increase and decrease in followers to keep growth on the right track. In addition to followers, an audit will focus on impressions, and look at how many people have seen your posts or accounts without engaging. 

The SWOT Analysis, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, evaluates all of the above based on your performance results. And a year-over-year change will compare the data from the past two years to evaluate whether there has been growth and how much of it. 

Google Analytics, a tool Content Studio uses frequently, is a helpful way to see your Social Media Referral Traffic. This will show you how many people are reaching your site through your social media and which pages had the most impressions. An audit also focuses on demographics so it’ll be easier for you to identify your target audience. Demographics reveal the age group, gender and location of your audience. 

What is in a Website and SEO Audit?

Website and SEO audits provide a full analysis of your website and the improvements that can be made. The audit will look for technical errors like broken links, word count requirements, whether you’re using original photos, missing meta descriptions, SEO score, domain authority and site loading time. 

Audits will analyze the keywords used on your site and in your content and evaluate which keywords are ranking the highest, what the competitive level is, and how high the search volume is. Alongside keywords, audits will evaluate whether or not you’re using internal and external links that will direct users to other pages on the site or another website. It also looks for links on other platforms that will direct you back to your site. 

An audit will identify your top landing pages that receive the most views and followed links. Additionally, it looks at which page of Google your site is showing up on. 

Audit doesn’t have to be a scary word. With the right team on your side, you’ll be improving your site and social media’s performance in no time. Let Content Studio evaluate your social media accounts and websites. Click the offer below for a free audit to see how your business is performing online.