Dutchess County Executive's Arts Awards 2023

The KuBe Art Center

Arts Organization

The KuBe Art Center, founded by Ethan Cohen and Zhu Ceng in 2011, serves the burgeoning arts community in the Hudson Valley by providing space for artists and local businesses in an unconventional setting.

The repurposed Beacon High School has over sixty commercial workspaces. It also houses art organizations as well as Ethan Cohen Gallery, whose programming has provided a platform for community engagement through exchanges between local and international arts & culture. KuBe is home to the Cohen Library, one of the largest archives of contemporary Chinese and African art in North America.

The name KuBe is an acronym for the German word ‘Kunsthalle’, meaning art hall, and the town’s name, ‘Beacon’.

This Fall, Ethan Cohen and Ron English will produce an exhibition entitled “Back To School”, which will be the largest exhibition at the KuBe to date. Next year, the KuBe will begin an ongoing collaboration with world-renowned artist Yigal Ozeri and the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation to present his works to the public.

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