Dutchess County Executive's Arts Awards 2023

Paola Bari


Paola learned to love ceramics as a young girl in Italy and traveled all over the world to learn different techniques. She worked for IBM in Milano until 1996, when she was invited to cross the Atlantic. After ending her career at IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY, Paola devoted herself  to porcelain painting. Her work in porcelain are quite whimsical, featuring stretching frogs, cats, and ornately decorated game fowl. She is very involved in the local art community helping with local events and organizing makers markets. Paola is currently curating Gallery 40 with Mary Ann Glass providing a space to showcase art from local artists. She is also active in conservation where she volunteers for  the Cheetah Conservation Fund, located in Namibia, Africa, in which her focus has been mainly focusing on education and fundraising.

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